Kaingaroa Forest Access & Closures

Kaingaroa Forest Information & Safety Maps

Please refer to Safety & Risk section for latest 'Safety Warnings'



  • Please Note: Animal control will be occuring progressively in the areas identified in the above map.
  • Warning signs will be erected around each individual site, prior to control occuring.

Map to Te Urewera National Park EASEMENT Access via Mangamako Road

Map to Rangitaiki River EASEMENT Access via Kiorenui Road - See TEMPORARY DIVERSION in Harvesting Operations Notice below

  • Access over the public access easement of Kiorenui Road to Ngahuinga Road, then Ngahuinga Road to the Rangitaiki River remains OPEN during daylight hours only. This is strictly for access to the Rangitaiki River. No other road(s) can be used and no other activity without a permit is allowed (i.e.: hunting).

Kaingaroa Commercial Forest Operations & Closures

  • Harvesting Operations affecting Rangitaiki River EASEMENT Access

    • Harvesting operations will commence in the Ngahuinga block from 5 February 2018,  for approximately 15 weeks.

    • As a result, the Rangitaiki River EASEMENT Access will be TEMPORARILY DIVERTED  via Tautika Road from early April 2018 through to the completion of these operations. See map for further details. Detour signage will be in place. Please adhere to signage at all times. 

  • Rotorohe Road, either side of Lake Whangioterangi (Echo Lake) in the Waiotapu area of Kaingaroa Forest will be CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC from Wednesday 25 October until further notice. See  map for further details. A culvert is being replaced in the area with works expected to take one month to complete. Please adhere to signage at all times.

Kaingaroa Recreational Forest Access & Closures

  • Recreational Access to Kaingaroa Forest, for hunting and fishing, is now OPEN, weekends only, until 1 October 2018.
  • Access to the Rangitaiki River and Flaxy Lakes is now OPEN, weekends only, until 1 October 2018.
  • Goudies Road, located in Kaingaroa Forest, is a private forest road where access requires a permit. Unauthorised access may result in trespass. Only vehicles using Goudies Road for forest management related purposes or recreation (seasonal hunting access only) may be granted permits.
  • Please refer to the Safety & Risk section for information regarding safety hazards.
  • If you require a valid permit please refer to the Recreational Access Permit Information page.
  • Access without a VALID PERMIT will result in a Trespass Notice. See  Trespass Information Notice for further details.


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